Happy November

Good morning! I love sharing with you all what is happening in my life. School, cheer, and acting has been keeping me so busy. This year I am doing online school and I am loving being at home. I still get to see my friends and I also still get to be on the varsity cheer team.

Last month the trailer for a film I was in called Triggered was released. You can see the trailer on my YouTube channel. I am so excited to see the final project. I play the leads best friend. I had so much fun filming this and hope to work with the same producer in the future.

Last month I got to participate in a celebrity collab experience with other young actors and creators. This was held at a placed called Planet Obstacle. This place was a lot of fun and it was great meeting other people who enjoy some of the same things as me. Here are some pictures from the experience.

Make sure to check out my tiktok and Likee. I have been adding daily content to those apps.

Christmas blog coming next 🙂


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