GirlsRock Cosmetics

Hey everyone it’s been awhile since I have been on the blog. I have been so busy. I wanted to stop in and share a little bit about one of my favorite companies, Girlsrock Cosmetics. They just released three new amazing palettes!

The first palette is the Sweet palette. There are 15 colors in this that are very bright and fun. When you open the palette you automatically think of sweet yummy candy!! You can create so many looks with these colors. This is something every girl needs in their makeup collection because the colors are so pretty!

The next palette that was released was the highlight palette. I personally love this palette so much because I use highlight on an every day basis. It’s also fun to mix up the highlight colors and maybe one day wear white and the next day wear the rose gold. There are 6 fun highlights in this palette. You can also use these colors on your eyes. It’s really fun to add an extra shimmer to your makeup look.

Finally, this last palette was just released last Friday! This palette was created by me Maddy Lee Ann. I’m really excited to share this with you guys. I got to create everything from the cover to the colors and their names. You can use this palette for more than just a dance. I really love the color Runway. It is amazing and it will look so good paired with the color Royalty. If you are wanting to create a soft look, a dramatic smokey eye, or a fun pink or blue look this palette is for you! There are so many great colors that will be perfect for homecoming or any event.

I hope you all love my palette as much as I do!


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