Welcome to My Room

Last week my family moved into a new home! One of my favorite parts about the move is that I was able to completely redo my bedroom. CosmoLiving by Cosmopolitan helped me pick out the perfect bedroom set. It’s both stylish and functional.

If you haven’t check out the CosmoLiving by Cosmopolitan entire line of furniture you really should! I love every piece they offer. The bed is an Elizabeth upholstered lined bed. I got the bed in a queen size. This bed works perfectly in my room. My favorite feature of this bed is the large pull out drawers underneath it. I used one side for shoes and the other side for blankets.

My dresser and nightstand are called Westerleigh and I got them in gray. They have gold accent handles. The night stand has a large deep drawer which is perfect for storing stuff.

The bedroom set was pretty easy to put together. My brother and I put the entire set together in one day.

Make sure you check out my YouTube video 🙂


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