Key West

I just got home from vacation from Key West with my best friend and it was a great time. If you haven’t started the tradition of going on a friend vacation every year I highly suggest it! This is the second year Hannah and I have gone to Key West together and I hope it’s a tradition we keep for years.

There is so much to do in Key West! I thought I would share my top five favorite things to do:

1. I would recommend going to the sand bar to go swimming. The water is gorgeous and a lot of locals like to hang out there.

2. Make sure to check out the Southern Most Point to take pictures. I recommend going early in the morning because the line gets long.

3. I love going to the aquarium. There you can learn about fish and sharks. Also you can have the opportunity to pet a turtle! There is also a huge snake that’s really cool to look at!

4. Another suggestion is take the trolly tour. They tell you about the island with facts from when it first began.

5. Last but not least is watch sunset at Mallory Square. You can watch the sunset by the ocean and watch street performers.

Key West is such a beautiful place. I recommend going there. It’s by far my favorite place to go. I love the ocean and the overall atmosphere is just breathtaking. Here are a few other pictures from my trip.

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