Virginia Vaca

Last week I went to Virginia to visit my grandpa. We started off at his farm. It was so peaceful and relaxing. There was so much to do just on his land. We drove his kubota, swam in the hot tub, sat by the camp fire, and watched outdoor movies! He owns 23 acres of land and it is gorgeous. We also spent time at the Shanandoah River. This is very close to his house. We went tubing down the river. This was so fun! There were small rapids during parts of the river and the other parts had slow moving water. I would definitely do this again! I love spending time on the water and enjoyed the scenery.

The next day we went horse back riding. The horses were well behaved and I found it cool that each one had there own little personality. My Grandpa owns two Friesian horses, but there are also other horses on the farm. The Friesian horses are so big!! I also love their hair.

We also went to Luray Caverns. We walked underground and looked at all the rocks that have formed over time. It was kinda chilly when we were looking at the rocks, so it was a good thing I had my jacket from coffee shop coats. At the end of the tour we went into the gift shop and I got a rock that’s pink and green. They told me that it’s supposed to give emotional strength. I thought that was really cool.

On Thursday we had a pool day. We spent a couple hours at the pool and I got cookies and cream icecream! It was so yummy!

Friday we went to see Montpelier and saw James Madison’s house. They took us on a tour of the inside and informed us all about each room. The land at Montpelier is gorgeous!

Lastly we spent two days at Washington DC. We went to some of the National Museums. I saw the Hope Diamond and it was so stunning. That was probably my favorite thing I saw at the museums. We also saw the White House, the Washington Monument, and Lincoln Memorial. The second day we went on a tour of the Capital building and that was so amazing to see. The place was so detailed it was unreal. I definitely recommend going on this tour.

Spending time with family and getting to see so many parts of American History made for a great trip! Next trip Key West with my best friend so stay tuned 🙂


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