Spring Coffee Shop Coats

Y’all have probably seen the new trend of the teddy bear coats. I love this look! I recently got two teddy bear coats and a jean jacket from Coffee Shop Coats. I have worked with this company before and they make the best coats!! Even though I live in Florida, we do have cooler nights in the spring and a jacket is needed.

The first jacket I got is a tan color teddy bear jacket. It’s super soft and cozy. This jacket can go with so many outfits. In the pictures below I put a white shirt under the jacket and paired it with some black jeans. I love wearing this jacket and I get so many compliments.

The second one is a black and grey teddy bear jacket . The sleeves are 3/4 length, which is a cute added touch. This is a perfect light weight teddy bear jacket.

The last jacket is a super cute jean jacket . There is a ruffle at the bottom of the jacket and I think that adds a pop that most denim jackets do not have. The jacket is a light washed color with buttons, so when you are cold you can button it up and still be stylish. I would pair this with darker color jeans or even a skirt or dress.

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