Do you have an item that you would love to add to your closet or just have? A thing you really wished you had, but you know you can’t spend the money on? I know everybody has those special items. I’ll share with you my top four wish items.

My first thing on my wish list of course would be a designer hand bag. I love all hand bags, but currently would love a Kate spade purse. These purses are so cute and fashionable. You can dress them up or wear a casual outfit with them.

My second thing is a pair of designer heels! I’m dying to get some jimmy choo heels. Who else is with me?! They are always high end fashion and absolutely stunning. I think if I did ever own a pair I might be afraid I wouldn’t take them off.

My third thing I have been wanting is the naked 3 palette. I have the naked one palette, but I would really love the naked 3 because it has so many pink tones. I love pink and I love makeup.

My fourth thing is from a brand everyone loves. I want a Gucci Fannie pack. This would be super cute to wear when you don’t have pockets. I always have the struggle of no pockets and I am guessing every girl has experience this problem.

For now these items will remain on my wish list right along with my red Jeep Wrangler and Red BMW Z4. I am curious what you have on your wish list? Let me know in the comments.

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