My favorite Hairstyles and hair products

No look is complete without the perfect hairstyle.  I have long hair and I love to do different things with it all the time.  I partnered with a company called Fave4hair and I absolute love all of their products. This company has amazing owners that really care about their products and their costumers. Three of my favorite products are the Smooth for Sure blow out cream, Style Stay Hairspray, and the Curls and Kisses Curl Cream.  

I use the Smooth for Sure cream every time I blow dry my hair straight and I straighten it with a flat iron.  This keeps my hair protected from the heat.  I put this cream on my towel dried hair and comb it through.  Then with a round brush or a vent brush I blow dry my hair all the way.  I do this in sections (I have lot of hair).  If I want my hair to be super straight I then use my hair straighten. I also do this in sections.  The finished look is shinny and sleek. Below are some pictures of this style.   

The Style Stay Hairspray is a must! I am a cheerleader and I am always doing my hair for competitions or for games.  This product keeps my hair in place.  I also like to wear my hair in curly-wand curls and in braids.  All of these styles need some Style Stay spray to keep the look holding all day.  Below are some pictures of some of the styles I have used the spray on to keep my hair on point.  

I use the Curls and Kisses regularly.  I have naturally curly hair and it has always been a struggle to find the perfect product to keep my hair tame.  When I first used this cream I couldn’t believe how well it worked.  The cream even stands up against the Florida humidity and keeps my curls looking so good.  I apply it to my towel-dried hair.  I worked it through all my hair.  I also like that this cream will reactivate if I get my hair wet again. Below are some pics of my curly hair.  

Fave4hair has so many products that will work for every hair style. Check out their site here.

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