Today on the blog I’m talking about accessories! You can change an outfit from ok to wow with the accessories you add. Since it’s cold outside let’s first talk about winter wear accessories.

I recently partnered with a company called Shop Jocelyn. This company is full of style. They sent me a pair of Mandy mittens and they are amazing! I love that the fingers are exposed when wearing them and that they are really soft. They are more than just a pair of mittens, they give my outfit an edgy fun vibe when I wear them. Shop Jocelyn has many other accessories with the same fun edgy look. Below are the Mandy mittens and some of their hats that I love. Also click here to see my short YouTube video about the Mandy mittens.

Another accessory that I love is jewelry!! Unicornj has so many great pieces of jewelry. I just got an initial bracelet from this company. It’s gold plated sterling silver. I love the rose color of the bracelet and that it’s an M. This company specializes in children’s and teen jewelry, but really there is something for everyone. Below is the bracelet I just received and a pair of earrings that I think would be perfect for Valentine’s Day. Use the code 20maddylee for 20% off your purchase.

Other things that can change your outfit from ok to wow is an amazing hand bag, some fun glasses or shoes that make a statement. Don’t be afraid to add a pop of color with your accessories!! Next on the blog I will be telling you all about my hair products, so stay turned!!


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  1. Matija Antonić

    these accessories look amazing, those hand accessories might be a bit too much, but everything else looks fun, especially the beanies, these might make some nice guft ideas for my female friends.

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