One of my favorite stores to shop at is Hollister. This store was the first store to have pants that would fit me correctly. I would say most of my jeans are purchased from Hollister. I love the store’s style of clothing and the way their clothes fit. Recently I purchased two new pieces from Hollister that are so cute!!

The first thing I purchased was this super cute dress. I love the way it has buttons all down the front. It has black and white stripes on the dress and it is tighter at the top. In the picture below I have it without a shirt underneath but when I wear it to school I plan on wearing a tight tee under it. I paired this dress with cute sandals. This look would be perfect for the spring. I know currently it is cold in most places, but this works perfect for Florida weather. It would also look great with a cute jacket on top of it.

The next thing I purchased from Hollister was a light washed denim jacket. I have a dark one but I have been eyeing this light jacket for a little bit now. I really wanted to add it to my wardrobe. It has cute rips on it that I love. I wore jeans also from Hollister with this jacket. They are a medium color and they are high rise. I paired this with my white converse. Below is my new jacket.

I love sharing with you all my great finds! If you like any of my looks make sure to check out 21 buttons where you can purchase anything I am wearing right from the app.

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