I hope everyone is having a great week and is ready for the weekend like me!! I wanted to share with you all three amazing cosmetic companies that I have partnered with and their amazing products.

I like to add makeup to change up my look. There are so many ways you can apply makeup. On most days I like to do my make up more natural. I like the less is more approach to makeup. For this I like to use neutral tone palettes for my eyes, light eyeliner, and mascara. Then I always use some type of lip gloss.

The first company I partnered with is called Girls Rock Cosmetics. They sent me a cute binder that holds my makeup and this is perfect to take while traveling . Inside the binder is a liquid eye liner, three eye shadows, one highlighter, and a blush. I know I will wear this makeup a lot because the colors are really pretty and have a little sparkle . Below is a look I created with this kit. Also click here to see my YouTube video for this company.

The next company is Petite’n Pretty. They sent me a box that says welcome to the sparkle squad with all kinds of wonderful products. The box has 2 lip glosses, an eye and cheek palette, a cheek and highlighter duo, and my favorite body glitter!! Tomorrow I have a cheer competition and I can’t wait to add some sparkle to my look. Check out my look below. Also click here to see my YouTube video I created with this kit.

Last is a fun company called Flickable. They have the cutest lip gloss that comes in 8 different flavors. I love lip gloss and ones that come in flavors is a must have!! The lip gloss is in the shape of a sucker! Check out my YouTube video here to see more of this product.

If you are looking for fun gift ideas or want to spoil yourself to some must have makeup products, check out these three companies!

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