Pajamas and Halters

I love everything about fashion! From what I wear during the day to what I wear when I go to sleep at night.  I recently partnered with a bra company called Brabar and a pajama company called Asleep and I love both companies.   

What a girl wears under her clothes is very important.  I love the bralettes and halters that Brabar sent me.  I like to wear things that have an open back so the open back halters and the bralettes with all the cute straps work perfectly.  I also loved the cute laced ones. I love this company so much I was excited to share the Brabar love with my friends. My friends also loved them as much as I do!! Below are some photos of the great halters I received.

Asleep sent me the cutest pink and black pajama set.  The pajama shorts are pink with black polka dots.  They are super soft.  I like that they are a light weight material.  I am from Florida so I am always looking for sets that are not too hot.  The top for this set is pink and is trimmed with polka dots around the neck line.  This company has many other sets and options to wear.  I am already planning what set I will get next.  Below is a picture of the cute set I have.

Please check out these two amazing companies and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

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