Holiday Travel Clothing

Our family takes lots of long car trips during the year and I feel like I am becoming a pro at travel clothing. Sitting in the car for long periods at a time isn’t always fun, so you need to be dressed comfortably. I don’t want to look like I am in my pajamas, but I still want to feel like I am in my pajamas.

My go to outfit is my Adidas joggers and a baby tee. This look is cute but it is also comfortable. I usually pair this with my Converse . I also like to pair my travel outfits with my slides and fuzzy socks. When I am in the car, in the back seat, I like to take my shoes off. Slides are the fastest shoe option. Slides and slip on boots also make great shoes when you are traveling by plane because you have to take your shoes off when you go through security.

If you are not into joggers you could also wear some cute leggings. I wear athletic clothing all the time. There are so many fun legging options out there to choose from. Here are my favorite pair from Forever 21.

Now let’s talk about hair! I have long hair and after sitting in the car a long time it can become a crazy mess. So I have three favorite go to car looks. The first one is the fun messy bun. I put my bun high on my head and pull hair around my face out of the bun. This style is easy and cute. Sometimes I even add in a small braid to the bun. The second go to style I have is two french braids. While my hair is wet I put in Fave4 air dry cream. Then I braid my hair. I know my hair will stay in the braids all day and look good when I get out of the car. If I have worn my hair in braids all day I can also take them out right before my destination and my hair will have a cute wave to it. Last is a curly ponytail. I use my curling cream from fave4 and then pull my hair up. So simple, but so cute.

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