My Retro Style

Clothing that imitates the style of a previous era is what being retro is all about! Seeing things now that my grandmother or great grandmother wore makes me smile. I have pictures of my great grandmother and her twin sister below, where they are showing off their fashion.  Things from that time period are now back in style. My mom also always talks about how much she loved wearing scrunchies and now it’s one of my favorite things to wear on my wrist. The circle of fashion is really neat to watch.

These pictures are of my Great Grandmother and her twin sister. 


Check out my retro style! I took a few pictures below.  I have on a blush color t-shirt with stripes and I have on joggers. This comes from a new company I’m working with call RetroTeen Apparel. The joggers are very comfortable and I like the white stripes on the sides. The t-shirt is also really soft and I like the length of it. The shirt also has some red, white, and black stripes. I paired this with my white high top Converse .

Here are some other styles from RetroTeen Apparel you might like too! I like the yellow color here and I like that the sweatshirt is velvet.  It looks so cozy! Use my code MADDYLEEANN20 for 20% off.

In the pictures I had on a black velvet scrunchy.  This retro vibe is good with a cute scrunchy on your wrist.  Click the link below to get some fun scrunchies 🙂

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