Fun with Matilda Jane and Joanna Gaines

When it comes to the clothes I wear, I need to not only look good in them but I also need to feel comfy in them.  Matilda Jane and Joanna Gaines have created the cutest and most comfortable line that I am in love with.   I  love the color choices they use in their clothing and the fabrics they use. Their clothing also makes me think of back home in Ohio.

I love Joanna Gaines and have been a big fan for a long time.  My mom and I have watched every episode of Fixer Upper and one day I would love to go to Waco Texas to see their restaurant and store.  So when I heard that she had a collaboration line with Matilda Jane I had to check it out and wow was I impressed!

In the first outfit I am wearing the Choose Happiness Tee.  I love the way the back of the shirt has a pop of color.  The front has blue stripes and the back is yellow and orange with cute flowers.  On the back of the shirt it has a cute button at the top that gives the shirt some extra character.



Feeling carefree and happy today while taking pictures 🙂 

The second outfit I have on is a button up, super soft, shirt.  I like that the sleeves had a button on them to make it 3/4 sleeves.  I wore a white tank under this shirt and I tied it at the bottom.  It is also cute untied, but I love the tie look.  I wore dark jeans with this shirt.


The third thing I am wearing is a soft black dress.  I love that way it flows and how comfortable it is.  I wore my cowboy boots with this dress.



I really think I was having way too much fun lol!! 

All three pieces I have are beautiful.  Please check out this amazing collection! 

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