Dapper Day

DAPPER DAY celebrates refined style from yesterday and today!

People from all over the world come to Disney World to show off their Dapper Day look. I love fashion so this day is so exciting for me. My best friend and I have been participating in Dapper Day for three years now. It’s always so much fun planning for the big day and creating the perfect outfit. On this day people focus on refined fashion from vintage classics to chic, and contemporary looks. One of the best parts is everyone meets by the castle and takes a group picture. It is always so cool to see everyone’s outfits.

This year we went as Minnie Mouse from different eras. I wore the classic red and white polka dot dress and Hannah wore a light blue and white polka dot dress. We painted white slip on shoes yellow to complete our look. Our dresses had a 1950’s vibe to them so we wore our hair to match the time period. No hair style would be complete without my favorite hairspray, firm hold hairspray by Fave4!! Our looks needed to last all day so this product worked perfectly!!

I love fashion and I love all the classic looks from every time period! Now on to planning what we will do next year!! Send me some fun ideas in the comments 🙂

Below are some fun pics from our day!

img_9349-1     img_9316

img_9333      img_9347

img_9323     img_9320

img_9338      img_9330

And here we are two years ago and last year!

img_1133      img_1415

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